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These are the reference images I found for the potions classroom in the sixth Harry Potter movie. 

Modeling in Maya:

For this project, I had no polygon limit. My main goal was making the set look as realistic as possible.


I UV'ed everything, then I did most of my large-scale texturing in Photoshop. I utilized tiling textures in order to make the walls, floor, and ceilings all look as consistent as possible. Everything was easily adjustable; if the stone looked too big or small, I could just scale it up or down to match the other stone placement. Many things, such as the bottle glass and liquid, were done with the Arnold Standard Surface shader options and nothing else. Most props were textured in Substance Painter, except things like the book covers, which were easier to do in Photoshop.

Rendering for 360 Video:

For the 360 video, I rendered this single frame through a VR camera, set up for over/under stereoscopic. Then I injected it with VR metadata and submitted it to YouTube.


Final 360 Video:

Final Rendered Images:

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