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Concept art:

One of my team members created these character design sketches which the client approved.

Johnny Concept Art
Nico Concept Art

Painting in Mudbox:

Once the characters were modeled and UVed, I brought them into Mudbox to paint their color, matching the concept art I was given.



For the wings, which had separate UVs, I created a color map and displacement map in Photoshop.

Wing Color
Wing Displacement

Shaders and Layers:

The characters each got a shader with subsurface scattering for their skin. I set up render layers to give me a color pass, an eye specular pass, a cast shadow pass (depending on the desired result) and a fuzz pass.


We went back and forth about how we wanted the texture to look in the final composites, and we settled on a gentle fuzz. To achieve this, I set up a render layer with the skin assigned to a black material with a fuzzy-looking bump map (which was masked out around the eyes and mouth). I adjusted the lighting in that layer to give me a nice rim light which shows off the fuzz on the edges of the character especially well. Then I composited it onto the final image to show the type of fuzzy effect that we wanted to achieve.


Of course, I also had access to render passes such as ambient occlusion, reflection, specularity, etc.

Watch the Compositing Process:

Final Characters:


Johnny Final Render


Nico Main Pose
Nico Pencil Pose
Nico Flying Pose
Nico Hips Pose
Nico Running Pose
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